Effective, Selective, Residue-Free Pest Control Products

MalEx™ Attract & Kill

Alpha Scents currently offers Attract & Kill technology with the product MalEx™ Shootborer. MalEx™ CLM for Citrus Leaf Miner is currently under review by the EPA and is expected to be commercially available in Spring 2016.

Additionally, Alpha Scents has a robust development program in place that is currently evaluating and developing Attract & Kill products for other key insects and crops.

How It Works

Each 50 microliter droplet contains a minute amount of a knock-down pesticide and a synthetic version of a female pheromone of the target species to attract the male. The attractant and insecticide are combined in a UV-absorbing carrier material that provides a slow, uniform release of the pheromone.

Male moths are attracted to the small droplets of MalEx™ and attempt to mate. Any contact with the product kills or disables them, thus preventing mating and subsequent egg-laying and larval infestation. Precise placement minimizes or eliminates contact with any unintended targets.

MalEx™ Shootborer
  • Attracts and kills shootborers on Jeffrey, Lodgepole and Ponderosa Pines.
  • Contains the active ingredient permethrin.
  • Slow release pheromone provides long-lasting attract & kill activity.
  • -- California Registration Only --
MalEx™ CLM
  • Our newest MalEx™ product for Citrus Leafminer granted Texas State registration.
  • MalEx CLM is also registered in FL, GA, TX and AL.
MalEx™ Product Benefits
  • PM Compatible - Targets specific species. Lowers risk of pesticide resistance. Will not harm beneficial insects or bees.
  • Residue-Free - No residue or contamination concerns. No fruit contact.
  • Worker Safety & Flexibility - No Re-Entry Interval (REI) or Pre-Harvest Interval (PHI).
  • No Drift - No danger of over-spray, drift or inhalation. Can be applied in any wind or weather conditions.
  • Accuracy - Easily and accurately placed.
  • Waterproof - Unaffected by rain/sprinklers. Stays in place. No risk to water table.
  • Any Field Configuration - Adaptable to open, small or irregular field sizes and layouts.

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